Accessibility Statement

Eazi Telecom Ltd ("Eazitelecom") prides itself on supporting the community and attempting as far as possible to meet the needs of its customers. We recognise that communication is important to everyone and disabled consumers are an important group of mobile industry customers who may be subject to a diverse range of impairments. In addition, there are also many elderly people who have become disabled through the ageing process but may not see themselves, or choose to describe themselves as disabled. Therefore, Eazitelecom endeavours to listen to the needs of all those with special needs and have good links with the local disability organisations in order to help to empower those segments of our community.

Our premises are situated on the ground floor. Our website is user friendly and is compatible with standard programmes, tools or applications which people with special needs or disabilities normally would have available on their computers (or even on some tablets and mobile smartphones) to better view or hear website content. We periodically look in to how we can improve our services, products and training in order to cater for the needs of Customers with special needs and disabilities.