Our basic option with low rates and no subscription required.

See a rates comparison between Standard and Gimme 5 below.

Gimme 5

If you spend 10 or more per month on credit, Gimme 5 is the plan for you.

Subscribe for just 5 per 30 days and gain access to Shine's lowest rates...

    Local Calls, SMS and Data are just 5p per unit or minute!

    Scroll down for our rates table.


How it works...

1. Insert your Shine SIM Card

- Your SIM will be set on the Gimme 5 plan.

- You'll receive 5 credit and the first 30 days subscription for free, worth 5.

- Gimme 5 deducts 5 every 30 days in advance as subscription to the cheapest rates.

2. Before 30 days expire

- Ensure you have over 5 credit to pay the next 30 days.

- In addition, top up any credit you wish to use.

3. If 30 days expire with insufficient credit

- You will receive a text reminder that the subscription is due.

- If payment is not received within 1 day, you will be switched to Standard rate.

- You will keep any leftover credit.

4. After 1 day passes without payment

- You will remain with Standard rate.

- Simply contact us to re-join Gimme 5.


Gimme 5... talk more, pay less!


Local Tariffs 

Standard Rate Gimme 5
30 Day Subscription No Fee 5.00
Call Connection Fee 10p 5p
Call Connection Fee International 10p 10p
Voice Calls    
Shine Mobile 12p /min 5p /min
Local Mobile 15p /min 5p /min
Local Landline 15p /min 5p /min
Text Message (SMS)    
Shine Mobile 6p 5p
Local Mobile 6p 5p
Mobile Internet / Data 35p /MB 5p /MB

International Tariffs

The following fees are for both Standard and Gimme 5.

Call Connection Fee: 10p





Zone 1

Spain, UK, Portugal

15p /min

Zone 2

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland

22p /min

Zone 3

Morocco, Egypt, Philippines

30p /min

Zone 4

Cuba, Falkland Islands, Nauru

90p /min

Zone 5

Rest of the World

50p /min

Zone 6

Emsat Satellite Proper, Gmss, ELLIPSO, Gmss Proper, Gmss Global star, Gmss Iridium 16 &17, Australia Satellite Optus and Telstra Australia Special Services, Immarsat All, Thuraya All

8.00 /min

Text Message (SMS)

All International Destinations



Roaming CountryRoaming Partners
Outgoing call

Capped Tariffs within EU countries

Incoming CallText Message (SMS)
SpainYoigo15p /min4p /min4p

Shine Mobile are currently in the process of agreeing more roaming partnerships in Spain, Morocco and UK which will be posted on the website in the near future, together with agreements with many other operators all over the globe.