Privacy policy & Complaints & fault reporting policy

i) Privacy policy
In order to be able to provide the customer with good quality of service and satisfactory products and comply with certain legal requirements; Eazi Telecom Ltd (“Eazitelecom”) may need to collect and store certain types of personal information on the customer. Eazitelecom has established this privacy policy in order to protect any such personal information collected and/or stored. Eazitelecom complies fully with the Data Protection Act 2004 in Gibraltar.

Personal information is any information which either identifies you as an individual, or is capable of doing so. Please note, in visiting our website or using any of our services, and/or continuing to do so, you indicate by conduct your agreement to our requesting, collection and use of your personal information as laid out in this privacy policy.

Please note that we may sometimes use cookies on our website. This is a small file which may be downloaded onto your device (usually a computer or mobile) when you use our website and it collects information about your product or service preferences which we use in order to improve the services we provide to you. For more information or guidance on Cookies please visit www.GRA.gi and/or www.allaboutcookies.org.

If you would rather not have Cookies on your devices, then they can normally be easily disabled through either not agreeing to them when your browser notifies you that a Cookie may be about to be downloaded, or by putting the correct setting on your web browser, or alternatively you may contact our Customer Care Team and they may be able to explain how to best disable them.

Please also note that for the efficient running of our service, Eazitelecom in accordance with this privacy policy and our terms and conditions may find it necessary to store, in our systems or in a cloud based server or system (in the USA or another jurisdiction), part or all of the data which is given or collected by us or held by us, and in signing for our products or services and/or continuing to use the same, you the customer, are indicating by this conduct that you are agreeing for us to be able to collect and store your data in this way.

If you place an order or register for one of our services, we may find it necessary to ask for and record, personal information such as:
i) Identification and contact details (name, address, email, valid ID card details and / or utility bill) to validate your details.
ii) Information on the service or products you are interested in and use.

This information may be collected by us; either through our website, or email, by phone, or in writing. From time to time we may run competitions or special promotions and therefore also ask for additional information. We do this so that we may improve our future products and services and sometimes for our own marketing purposes.

In order to improve our services (i.e. products, training, security, complaints procedure and quality control purposes) we may sometimes need to record information of the type mentioned above through recording emails and calls to us so as to gather information from visitors to our website.

It is often necessary for us to gather and use your personal information so that we can protect your confidentiality and privacy and carry out security and fraud checks if necessary. We may also use this information to process your orders and bill you correctly, for marketing purposes, informing you of changes to our products and services as well as explaining how to use our products or services. Where necessary, we may give your information to other people or organisations to collect payments on our behalf.

Please make sure to contact our Customer Care Team If you do not wish to be contacted by Eazitelecom or its representatives on marketing related issues.

Only certain personnel will have access to Customers’ personal information that is collected and we have strong security measures in place to ensure that confidentiality is, as far as possible, protected.

Eazitelecom will only retain the personal information collected for the period of time that is in the circumstances or for the purpose for which the information was collected and is to be used for. Also there may be legal requirements which will require us to keep certain types of information for a certain period of time.

If at any point during your relationship with us you wish to know what information we hold on you, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team. Under certain circumstances you have the right to ask our Customer Care Team for a record of what personal information we have collected on you as a Customer. Please note a subject access request may incur an administrative charge. If you feel that any information we hold on you is inaccurate then please let us know and we will change it. For further information on your Data Protection rights, please see the Gibraltar Regulatory website at www.gra.gi.

We may at times find it necessary to use other companies to provide some of our services or to provide services to us and process certain information. However, they must all act in accordance with our instructions and the Data Protection Act 2004. We may also provide information to protect national security and for the prevention and detection of crime to authorised state agencies and personnel.

If you visit any of our websites or use any of our customer services, by continuing to do so you are agreeing by your conduct that we are allowed to collect and deal with your personal information in the manner described in this document, our terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy. Please note we may from time to time need to make changes to our privacy policy. You may find out about any changes by contacting Eazitelecom Customer Care Team by email or by visiting our website.

ii) Complaints & fault reporting policy
Eazitelecom monitors its service to ensure the necessary security measures are in place to protect our customer’s privacy. High standards of quality are maintained and as far as possible customer satisfaction is maintained. However, at times, unforeseen faults or problems may occur and you may make us aware of them by filling in a fault reporting form (available on our website or at our offices at Block 6, ground floor, Watergardens, Gibraltar) and/or by emailing us at customercare@eazitelecom.com or contacting our Customer Care Team ( 00350-62900555 or from an Eazitelecom mobile 555). Please note, that if it is a fault with a mobile phone that we have supplied you with, if it is still within the usual manufacturer’s one year warranty period and you can produce your ID and proof of purchase (i.e. receipt) please inform our Customer Care Team and they will make arrangements to have the phone sent for repairs or perhaps arrange an alternative solution for you. Please note this does not affect your statutory rights.

Please note if it is another type of problem or complaint, we will endeavour to solve the problem within 2 working days. However, due to the technical and commercial nature of the mobile industry, some problems may inevitably require a longer period to find an appropriate solution. Our managers are often available to speak to you to offer additional advice on how to resolve any mobile phone problem you may have. We will use our best efforts to keep our Customers informed at all times of any developments on the resolution of their problem.

Please note that we will need to keep a record of your complaint or fault on our fault reporting system (trouble ticketing system) as this will aid us in resolving your problem.

Some of this information will sometimes need to be held on our own servers in Gibraltar or sometimes on a cloud based database or server which may be outside the jurisdiction. In the case of the cloud based server, we will only store your Customer Reference Number - and a problem report on that system - as this is essential for us to be able to provide you with our service. Please note that no personal financial or contact information will be stored on this cloud database or server.

Please be rest assured that we will at all times handle any data given to us - or collected by us - in accordance will the Data Protection Act 2004. Please see our terms and conditions on our website for further details.