SUPPORT - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call 555 free from a shine mobile

Check Credit

Call: *100# 

A menu will appear. Write 1 and press Send/Reply.

A message will appear on screen as follows:

Your account balance is XXX.XX GBP valid until xx/xx/xxxx

Topping Up

Purchase a scratch card fromone of over 30 Shine Distributors. Scratch the foil on the back of the card to reveal a 16 digit code.

You can now top up your mobile in 3 different ways:

1. Call: *101* followed by your 16 digit code and the # key, with no spaces inbetween. Example: 101*1234567891234567#

2. Call: *100#

A menu will appear on screen. Write 3 and press Send/Reply. When prompted, enter your 16 digit code and press Send/Reply. You will receive a confirmation message as soon as your top-up is added.

3. Call: 888, Press 1, Enter 16 digit code followed by #.

Transfer Credit

If you are sending credit to a 629XXXXX Pay As You Go Shine number, you can follow the USSD menu:
Call:  *100#
A menu will appear. Write 4 and press Send/Reply.

You will be asked to select the credit amount and the Shine number you wish to send the credit to. For example, if you want to transfer £10 to the number 62945678, it should be written as follows:



If you are sending credit to a 5XXXXXXX (ex-gibtel) number, you can send it via SMS Text Message:

Open a new SMS.

The recipient of the text message is 114. This is the number you must always send the SMS to for transfers.

In the section for text, write using the following format only:   2*5XXXXXXX*123456

2 = the number of whole pounds you wish to transfer, in this example we have used £2.

5XXXXXXX = The number you wish to make the transfer to.

123456 = Write exactly "123456".


Please note:

- You must have sufficient credit to transfer.

- Credit can only be sent to other Pay As You Go Shine subscribers.

- Minimum transfer is £2, maximum transfer is £25. A credit balance of at least £1 must remain after transfer, or transfers will not work.

- There is a limit of 5 transfers per 24 hours.

Suspended Account

Can you not you make calls anymore, or have you received a message stating your account is suspended?

It is most likely because you haven't added any new credit in the last 3 months. You can check this by dialling *100#

A menu will appear on screen. Now type 1 and press OK/Send. You will now see how much credit you have and when your "active" state will expire, if it hasn't done so already.

In Suspend state, you will be able to receive calls but not anything that uses credit. You will keep any credit you already had but will still need to top up with a minimum of £5 to activate your service again.

If you do not top up within 2 months of entering Suspended state, your account will enter "Disable" where you will not be able to make or receive calls. Disable state lasts three months before the number is recycled.

If you have any further issues, please call our Customer Care team on 555 from your mobile, 62900555 or 20066400.

Can I keep my mobile number?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to keep your existing mobile number, should you decide to change from one mobile service provider to another within Gibraltar. You won't have to worry about giving your new number to friends, family and business colleagues as your phone number will remain the same.

How long does it take?

Your porting request can be completed in a matter of hours after you have submitted your request. To start the process, visit us in store to fill in a quick and easy form and send a text from your mobile. You will receive a call asking you to insert your new Shine SIM card - you will have been successfully moved to Shine and your previous SIM card will stop working.

During busy periods, your port may take longer to complete.

Advisable times to begin the switch are during 9am to 4pm on Monday to Thursday, or Friday before 12pm midday to ensure connection over the weekend.

How much does it cost?

There are no charges for you to port your number.

When you switch over to our network, all porting charges are met by Shine.

How To Keep My Number

Please visit for an informative image of the process.

To switch to Shine, simply visit our store on the Ground Floor, Block 6 Watergardens and one of our friendly Customer Care team members will assist you in completing the porting form.
Please ensure to provide an alternative phone number and/or email address so as to contact you when porting is complete.
This is particularly important because when the porting process finishes, you will need to insert your new SIM in order to continue using your mobile.

When the form is submitted, you will be requested to text the word PORT from your mobile phone to 8095. From here the process will take between 2 hours and 2 working days.

Please note that you will be able to use your mobile phone as normal during this time until the process is finished and you are contacted by the Shine team.

Useful tips: Ensure to use up all your existing credit and to save all your Contacts to your phone.

You can then purchase your new SIM card in store for only £5 which includes £5 credit, while keeping your number too.

Shines' Network Coverage

Shine Mobile is proud to deliver excellent mobile telecommunications coverage around Gibraltar with its own, independent, state-of-the-art network.

Providing 2.5G, 3G+ and data, the best coverage is available in The Rock’s North District, Town Area, East Side, Europa Point and also the neighbouring town of La Linea de la Concepcion.

Additionally, our sites offer good coverage in Gibraltar’s Upper Town area, South District along Europa Road, Little Bay, the Upper Rock area plus parts of the Campo de Gibraltar area.

Improvements to our sites are regularly being implemented and any updates will appear on our website for the benefit of our customers. 


Call: 123 if you are in Gibraltar.

Call: (00350) 62900123 from other operators.

You will receive the following options:

Press 1 to subscribe to the voicemail service.

Press 2 to get information on the service.


Once subscribed, your options become:

Press 1 to listen to received messages.

Press 2 to record your greeting.

Press 3 to change the language.

Press 4 to cancel your subscription.

Missed Call Alert (MCA)

The Missed Call Alert (MCA) is a free subscription based service that notifies you via SMS when a call has been missed, for example, when your phone is switched off. The caller will also receive a notification when the number they attempted to dial has become available.

To subscribe, send ‹SUB MCA› via SMS to 155.

After a short time, you will receive a message notification confirming that you have subscribed to the MCA service.

Text Message (SMS) Issue

If you are not able to send texts, you may need to refresh your message centre number. In this case please try the following steps:


iPhone users:

1.  To check your SMSC number, call:


2.  Erase your current SMSC number by calling:

3.  Add a new SMSC number by calling:



Android users:

1.  Go to Messages > Select Settings

3.  Scroll down and select Message Centre

4.  Erase any existing number, then type in the following:



For assistance, please call our Customer Care team on 555 (free from your Shine mobile) or (00350) 62900555 from other operators.

MMS Setup

In order to configure Shine’s Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) on your mobile phone, allowing you to send and receive photos locally between Shine to Shine customers, please follow the steps below:

- Go into your phone settings

- Select the 3G network folder (Often named Cellular/Cellular Data Network etc.)

- Select MMS Settings

- Input the following in each field:

MMS proxy:
MMS port:  9028
MCC:  266
MNC: 09

Using Your Mobile Abroad

You will be able to use your phone in most countries. However, we advise that you refer
to our list of available roaming networks on our Services & Prices page or
call 555 (free from your Shine mobile) to check whether roaming is provided in
the country you are visiting.

Recording Your Voicemail Message

Call:  123 if you are in Gibraltar

Call:  (00350) 62900123 if you are calling from abroad

You will receive the following options:

Press 1 to subscribe to the voicemail service
Press 2 to get information on the service

Once subscribed, your options become:

Press 1 to listen to received messages.
Press 2 to record your greeting.
Press 3 to change the language.
Press 4 to cancel your subscription.

Press 2 to record a greeting, the recording will begin after the beep. Once recorded, press any key to save the greeting.

You can change or review your greeting by going into the greetings menu (Option 2) and then press 1 to listen to your greeting.

Sending Text and Photo Messages

1. From your phone’s main menu: Choose Messages, click on Create or New message.

2. Using the letters located on your phone’s keypad or keyboard, type your message. Some phones may have predictive texting which means that the phone will guess the words you are trying to type. In this case, scroll down and select your chosen word. Check your mobile’s manual to remove predictive text.

3. If you wish to add a photo or video to your message there will most likely be an insert or photo button. This process may be more specific to your phone type, as such we recommend you refer to your phone’s manual.

4. Your phone should now allow you to send the message to a number, or even choose someone from your contact list.

5. Once this is done press OK/Send, and your message will be sent out.

Photo Message / MMS Abroad

Currently MMS is only operational On-Net (i.e. locally, from Shine to Shine numbers).

MMS Issue

This may be a size issue. Images over 100 kb exceed the maximum message size for most networks. You can however reduce the picture’s size within your phone settings. Many modern mobiles will give you the option to change the size before sending.

iMessage Setup for iPhones

1. Go to Settings > Messages. If your iMessage isn’t working, under iMessage it should say something like “activation unsuccessful”.

Make sure you have your email address added to your Apple ID account so that anyone can contact you using iMessage, even if they use an Apple device without a sim card. If this still doesn’t fix the problem then:

2. Ensure you have Shine coverage and that you are connected to wifi or 3G mobile internet.

3. Go to Settings > Phone > My Number, and make sure the number displayed is correct, including +350

E.g. +35062912345

4. Go back to Settings > Messages, and try to turn on iMessage again. If not working, check that you are signed in to your Apple ID, then turn on iMessage. If already signed in, sign out, sign back in and try again. In your Apple ID account, you may also check that your location is set to Gibraltar or Spain.

5. If none of the above fix the issue, open Settings > General > Reset, select ‘Reset Network Settings’ and your mobile phone will restart itself. You may want to make a note of any wifi passwords as these will be lost.

6.  Once your mobile has restarted, open Settings > Messages.

Try to turn on iMessage again. A message will appear with the options Cancel or OK. Press Cancel.

Your iMessage should now be working, but should you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Facetime Setup for iPhones

Go to Settings > Facetime.

If it has not activated, turn it on and keep pressing cancel for any pop-up messages.

Make sure you have your email address added to your Apple ID account, so that anyone can contact you using Facetime, even if they use an Apple device without a sim card. If someone cannot contact you, then ensure you have each other’s email addresses in your contacts address book.

To use Facetime , go into the Facetime app or go to the Phone app, select the person you would like to contact and then press on the camera symbol.

What is 3G?

3G+ stands for 3rd generation plus, just above 3G in terms of data transfer speed. It is currently the second fastest method of mobile data transfer. There is no need for a Wi-Fi hotspot and you will be able to browse websites, send emails and download videos and music on your phone.

Wifi Setup

Mobile internet is available on all smartphones and comes in two varieties, 3G and Wi-Fi.

3G is a service which allows your phone to go online from the moment it is switched on. See the tab below for "3G Mobile Internet Setup".

Wi-Fi is used to connect to an existing wireless “hotspot”. To enable Wi-Fi, simply follow these steps:

1. Once in range of a hotspot, go to "settings" on your phone, select the Network / Wi-Fi / Mobile internet option.

2. Find the name of the access point you want to join - usually the name of restaurant of cafe etc.

3. If the hotspot is protected, you require a password or key. You may need to ask a member of staff for the password.

4. After a few moments, your phone will be online; you may now use internet features such as browsing and emails.

Email Setup

Any smartphone can be configured to send and receive email, so long as it is connected to the internet through 3G or a Wi-Fi hotspot. Once connected, configure the phone to receive emails from your account.

You may configure your email account by selecting the “Email” option on your phone (often depicted as an envelope); from there you will be taken to a sign-in page which will ask for your account information:

1. Enter your email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gibtelecom etc).

2. Enter your email address and the password that you use for the account; select “next” or “OK”.

3. After validating, you will be able to view, receive and send your emails as you do on a computer, although on a smaller screen.

Please note that while the popular service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. will validate automatically, some lesser known addresses will require you to manually input the settings for the phone.
For assistance, please call our Customer Care team on 555 (free from your Shine mobile) or (00350) 62900555 from other operators.

Mobile Security

Mobile security covers two aspects of the phone: threats from malware and theft.

Theft is best dealt through preventative measures. Locking your phone with a passcode can keep your information safe and with the rising use of GPS on smartphones, many services offer a phone locator feature which connects our phone to a cloud service so that its location can be pinpointed on a map should it be lost or stolen.

The second threat is Malware - this is an application (app) contaminated with malicious code that makes your phone do things it shouldn't -- such as steal your personal data. Unfortunately, there is no phone that is completely immune to the threat of malware, and the best advice would be caution. Always ensure you can trust the source when you opt to download an app on your phone. Some other ways to prevent malware are:

-Don’t install third party software unless you are entirely sure
of its content and security.

-Don’t ignore warnings or security measures taken by your phone
unless you are fully aware of the consequences.

-Don’t download pirate software onto your phone as this may
contain various threats.

-If you have further concerns with
regard to mobile security, it is recommended that you install anti-virus software
on your phone.

If you suspect the phone is contaminated with malware, the best course of action is to format the phone and restore it to factory settings. This will wipe all the phone memory, so please ensure your contact list is backed up before performing a format.

3G Mobile Internet Setup

Apart from using Wifi and connecting to a hotspot at a café or restaurant, you can use 3G mobile internet anywhere around Gibraltar, on the go.

Mobile internet will be enabled as soon as you insert the SIM. You can turn this on and off in Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Networks and tick/un-tick Mobile Data.

To use 3G you will need a 3G mobile. Most modern phones are 3G but you can check by searching for your make and model on and looking by the “General” section.

To set up Shine 3G on your mobile phone, follow these steps:

iPhone users

Depending on your iPhone, you will see some options as either “Mobile” or “Cellular”. We’re going to use the word “Mobile” in these steps.

Open your Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Network.

For APN, type:

Leave the Username and Password empty or “not set”.

Now go back to the “Cellular” menu.

Switch on “Mobile Data”, and switch on “Enable 3G”.

If you have both 3G and wifi internet switched on, it will always try to use wifi first.


Android / Other users

Most modern mobiles by Samsung, Sony Ericsson and HTC use the Android operating system and will have a similar way of working.

Go into your Settings

Select Wireless & Networks / More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (APN)

To add a new APN, you might need to “add new” by pressing the plus (+) symbol or by opening the menu, then input the following in the respective field:



SERVER:  (capital ‘E’)

Now go back to the Mobile Networks menu and turn on “Mobile Data”.


You may need to wait a few seconds to connect to the internet after switching it on.


Email Issue

Incorrect Settings

If your mobile is compatible and is already set up with email, make sure you have written in the correct username and password.

If you have recently changed the password to your email account on your desktop computer, you will also need to change the password on your mobile.

To view the information, open your Email. Go to Settings > Account Settings. Click on the email address you wish to check/change.


You may not have a mobile that supports Emails.

Please search for your mobile make and model on and look by Features > Messaging. If you see the word “Email” in this section it means you have this option.

If you don’t see the word “Email” then your mobile is not compatible and you will be unable to access emails. You may wish to consider upgrading to a newer model from our shop.

Mobile Internet Speed

Mobile Internet gives you access to any online feature that your PC would be capable of. Data transfer speeds are often read in Kbps (Kilobits per second) and Mbps (Megabits per second – for faster connections) which gives a rough idea of the data flow.

For more information about internet speeds, the website has a comprehensive guide and an application (app) available for iOS and Android which will help you determine your average connection speed.

Mobile Phone Fault

If your mobile phone is unable to make calls or there is a fault with it or the SIM card, try these easy tests that may fix the problem:

- Switch the phone off for 10 seconds then turn it back on. After this, try calling once more.

- Make sure you have enough battery power by checking the small icon in the top corner of the screen. If this is very low, some mobiles automatically don’t allow calls to preserve the battery. It may be necessary to charge your phone before usage.

- The SIM card may be the root of the problem. Take the SIM card out of the phone and wipe it with a clean cloth. Put the SIM back in the phone and try calling again.

- Check that your phone is receiving signal by looking at the icon in the top corner of the screen. If there are no bars, it is not receiving signal. Try using your phone in different places e.g. a different room to the one you are in.

- Are there other users who are experiencing the same issue? It may be a network issue and therefore it would be best to check again in a few hours.

 If these tests aren’t helpful with your issue, call our Customer Care team on 555 (free from your Shine mobile) or (00350) 62900555 from other operators.

Unlocking Your Phone

If you write your PIN number incorrectly various times, your phone may become locked. To unlock your phone, you need your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) which is written on the plastic card the SIM was pushed out of.

You can also find out your PUK by calling our Customer Care team on 555 (free from your Shine mobile) or (00350) 62900555 from other operators.

What is PUK?

The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) is a number which acts as a secondary passcode for use when the phone becomes locked from repeatedly writing the wrong PIN number. Your PUK code is ordinarily found on the side of the plastic card the SIM was pushed out of.

You can also find out your PUK by calling our Customer Care team on 555 (free from your Shine mobile) or (00350) 62900555 from other operators.

My phone is lost, damaged or stolen. What should I do?

If your phone has been lost or stolen and you wish to stop it from being used please call our dedicated Customer Care team on 555 (free from a Shine mobile) or call (00350) 62900555 from any other mobile operator. We will block your number from making calls so no money is spent while it is not in your possession. Should your phone be returned, call again to remove the block. Please note that any thefts should also be reported to the police as soon as possible.

Aggressive Calls or Texts

We take cyber bullying in all its forms very seriously. While we have little control over people’s usage of phones outside of our network, there are steps you can take to ensure that abuse is dealt with.

First we suggest you keep a record of any interactions; save text messages and keep a record of call times and numbers used. If these threats are being sent from the same number, call our customer services team on 555 (free
from your Shine Mobile) and we will place a block on the number and prevent further abuse, provided it is a Shine mobile number.

Records of your interaction should also be forwarded to the police who will deal with the matter should there be any escalation.

In this case, the records you have kept will prove useful should police intervention be deemed necessary.

Protecting Personal Information

At Shine, customer security is taken very seriously. We have a strict policy that denies all third parties from seeing customer information.

Our staff works constantly to make sure that any type of criminal activity is prevented. As such any criminal activity regarding customer information found by staff or management will be dealt with by the police.

Does Shine use Gibtelecom lines?

Not at all, Shine has a fully independent state-of-the-art network of its own.

Identity Fraud - What To Do

In the case of identity fraud please immediately contact us with your name, phone number and account details and we will lock your phone so as to prevent further fraud. We will be able to unlock the phone later if needed. Contact the customer help service. We also advise in this scenario that you report the situation to the police.